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Nutrition: What and when a child eats impacts their mood and ability to function. Nearly half of all American families regularly skip breakfast. Is your family one of them? When it comes to getting your children to school, a healthy breakfast is just as important as gym shoes and sharp pencils.

Sleep: How does inadequate sleep impact children the next day?  Children often don’t say they are tired, they act it out. The most notable reaction is a crabby, short-tempered child, however, another sign that your child overtired is an overly active “or hyper” child.  Children with poor sleeping habits tend to have a negative self-image, lack initiative, are depressed and unable to concentrate.

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community-health-partnersCommunity Health Partners

Community Health Partners provides high-quality, affordable medical, dental, mental health, pharmacy, and educational services to adults and children. All insurances are accepted and a sliding fee is available for those who qualify. Application counselors are available at all sites to assist with finding affordable health insurance.

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gallatin-mental-health-centerGallatin Mental Health Center (GMHC)

Gallatin Mental Health Center offers comprehensive mental health services for adults and youth. We employ a broad range of highly-trained mental health specialists who utilize a variety of evidence-based practices and approaches. Our team provides diagnosis, evaluation, assessment, ongoing treatment and referral for those impacted by mental illness. We accept all insurances and offer a sliding fee scale based on income.

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